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I coach millennial women like you to reconnect with who you really are and help you step into that power so you can take control of YOUR life. I teach you the power of intention, how to rewrite old thought patterns and stories that hold you back and I guide you to create a fantastic life YOU REALLY WANT! Free from stress, overwhelm, anxiety and everything else the world throws at you!

You deserve to live the most fantastic life and beauty, ONLY YOU can create that for yourself. It can’t (and never should be) created by anyone else.

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TashTastic Life Principles

I believe the foundations of creating a fantastic life you truly love incorporates intention, space, and self-care. These practices have become my core guiding principles and are the foundational practices I use to create a life that I actually love. A life I don’t want to escape to go on holiday, a life that is stress free, slow, full of joy and love. Through my coaching we work on incorporating these principles to help you achieve your goals!



When you live and make intentional decisions that align with what’s important to you, you are creating a life you truly want and one that’s not influenced by everything around you.



Creating space and removing excess things from your life means that you have more time and energy for yourself, experiences, and people you love. Your life may be filled with so much stuff, so to feel calm and balanced create more space in your life, body, and mind.



You need to look after yourself FIRST. You need to ensure you feel your best in order to give and live from your best. Practicing deep self-care in a way that feels right for you is a necessity.

As I work alongside you to reconnect with yourself and create a life you truly want and love, we will weave in the above principles so that you have a strong foundation that you will want to continue thriving on!

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