Reconnect + Ignite

A 4 week online group coaching experience to reconnect back in with yourself and ignite the fire to create and live your OWN fantastic life!

When you are truly connected to who you really are, there is NOTHING that you cannot be, do or have in your life!

Reconnect + Ignite
will empower you to... 

  • Rediscover who you really are and learn how to step into your power!

  • Create a life you truly love and remove the blocks that are holding you back from fully living it!

  • Move forward into 2020 with clarity, confidence, power and a fire in your belly!

The experience begins Monday, 4 November 2019


  • feel disconnected from who you really are and feel like you’re living someone else’s life

  • struggle with following through on your dreams and goals because of fear and the loud critical voice in your head

  • move through life not really sure about what you want or how to get it

  • feel like you’re not worthy of having what you want and living your dream life

Beauty, you don’t need to be stuck here, you don’t need to keep feeling this way! You are in control of your future, so it’s time to take back the wheel!

You deserve to live your own fantastic life and Reconnect + Ignite will empower you to do that!!

How amazing would it be to...

  • reconnect back with your true self and your deepest desires?

  • love yourself so fully you have SO MUCH to give to those around you?

  • create and live your dream life and have a plan in place to bring it into reality?

  • ignite the fire in your belly for the things you’ve always wanted to do and actually do them?

  • step above your fear and rewire your mindset to work FOR you?

  • feel worthy, unstoppable and able to have everything you desire?

Well, beauty, all of that can be yours!!

We’ve been conditioned to think that life has to look a certain way, with certain tick boxes and achievements that define “success”. We have gone on with this for far too long, because we are disconnected from ourselves and ignore the innate power and guidance that we each hold within us.

You might be stuck thinking that life “just is this way” or “I can’t change this” or “it’s easy for them to do it, it’s not for me”, but I don’t believe that and it’s time for you to discard that belief too!

How do I know this is possible?

Up until four years ago, I was living the life I thought I should; I was climbing the career ladder, pretending to be someone I wasn’t, suppressing my own intuition, and living a life that looked good on the outside, but felt pretty damn lonely on the inside.

Then, in 2015 I was made redundant and broken up with in the space of 4 days. That’s right, my whole world imploded. Do you know what made it harder? I had no fricken clue who I was or what I wanted from my life. I had lived that way for 12 years and thought it was normal! As traumatic and hard as that time was, it was the best and most beautiful thing that could have happened to me.


I started to explore who I was and who I wanted to be, took radical responsibility for how I ended up there, and started to make intentional changes in my life so I could be happier, more fulfilled, and most of all completely ME!

You know that niggle in your belly? That little voice that says “there must be more to life than this” That voice is right, and it’s time to listen to it!

What you can expect from Reconnect + Ignite is…

  • Breakthroughs

  • Deep shifts, and

  • Aligned empowering brain sparks!

What we’ll cover each week…

  • Week 1 - Self-exploration and Discovery - together we’ll dive deep into who you are, where you’ve come from and who you wish to become. I’ll share thought provoking prompts and tools so you can really explore yourself!

  • Week 2 - Alignment and Radical Responsibility - to truly create and live your own fantastic life you need to take radical responsibility of it, what you want and how to bring it into your reality. We’ll talk all things values, intention and the power of the subconscious!

  • Week 3 - Dream and Create YOUR Life - you have deep desires waiting to come to the surface and it’s time! I’ll guide you through crafting a vision that inspires you and goals you’ll be excited to work on! Together we’ll also work through and shift any blocks that are keeping you stuck in self-sabotaging patterns and instead create new beliefs and habits that are positive, empowering and supportive!

  • Week 4 - Powerful Practices to Stay Connected - true transformation goes beyond this 4 week experience, which requires ongoing commitment to stay connected to yourself and your vision. You’ll put in place powerful practices that will empower you to keep moving forward towards your dreams!

What you receive:

  • 4 x 1 hour training sessions (recorded and sent to you if you can’t make it live)

  • Workbook for each training session

  • Journal + pen (sent to you before the experience starts)

  • 1 x 60 min 1:1 coaching session with me to use anytime during the experience or in January after the summer break (worth $150 NZD)

  • Access to the private Reconnect + Ignite Facebook group, where the magic and big shifts happen! You will have full access to me and connection with the other beautiful women!

  • Unlimited email and voice note access to me throughout the whole experience!

Expect to truly change your life when you fully commit to yourself and the Reconnect + Ignite experience.
There is no better time to create your own fantastic and connected life than RIGHT NOW!

Your investment

Early bird
$375 NZD
this is available until Friday, 11 October! Use “IMINEARLY” at checkout!

Full Price
$450 NZD
after 11 October.

Payment option:
Early bird -
If you use the discount code (IMINEARLY) and you wish to take the 2 x payment option, you will be charged $150 deposit to secure your spot. Then you will have 1 payment of $225 to be paid by 15 November.

Full price - $225 deposit paid immediately to secure your spot. Then 1 payment of $225 paid by 15 November.

If you’d like to discuss an alternative payment option, please reach out! I don’t want money to be a barrier for you, so let’s make it work!

You are worth investing in! You are worth the amazing life you deeply want and taking this step will empower you to create it!

If Reconnect + Ignite calls to you and you’re ready to reconnect with yourself and ignite that fire in your belly, book your spot now!

I am keeping our group intimate and small for deeper connection and transformation, so places will book fast!!



When will the training sessions be?
I will set these once all the ladies are booked in to accommodate time zones, however, it will likely be on Monday evenings at 7pm NZT.

What if I can’t make the trainings?
They will be recorded and emailed to everyone and popped in the Facebook group, so you’ll have access to them! It would be great to have you live though :)

Are other payment plans available?
If you would like an alternative payment plan then definitely reach out! I don’t want money to be a barrier to you investing in yourself!

What if I’m not sure if this is right for me?
If you’re already asking that question then it probably means that it is ;) Let’s have a quick 15min call and talk through it in more detail that way we can make sure it’s the right fit for you and shift any fears that might be holding you back!


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