Day 5

Embrace Connection


Have you watched the video? Please do, as it covers everything you need to know about ‘embracing connection’!

WOW! What a week! I am so deeply grateful to you for joining, but most of all, I am so proud of you for doing the work and sticking it out. Reconnecting can be uncomfortable, often it’s peeling back layers and layers of conditioning we never even knew we had to find ourselves again and I am so happy you did it! I am so happy you invested this time and energy into yourself and I deeply hope you felt a shift within you.

Embodying change and benefiting from this work is an ongoing journey and a consistent practice. Embedding new thoughts and new beliefs takes practice and continuous work (don’t let that scare you off), so it’s important that you embrace this new found connection with yourself and create space in your life for you to continue to tap into it.

In order to continue to tap into your body and your mind, you need the space in your life for that to happen. Moments of stillness in the busy world is when we are able to feel our power and harness it so you can then continue to embed your new stories and thoughts into your mind.

For me, my daily embrace of connection is through meditation, journaling and being in nature. For each of you it will be different, it will depend on time available - but remember, it is up to you to what you make time available for. Is it going to be 60mins of Instagram scrolling or 5mins of meditation (purely being still and quiet) with 10mins of journaling? It is completely up to you.

Inspired Action

Create and commit to your connection practice. This can be in the morning or evening (possibly even midday if that works for you) when you can give yourself 10-30mins alone. You can start with 10mins and build it up as it becomes a habit, don’t commit to 90mins and then become discouraged because you can’t make it stick. Start small and build as you go!

Put in place 2 things you are going to do every day or 3-4 times a week that will enhance your inner connection.

#1 - I will… at…

#2 - I will… at…

Remember, “try” isn’t a commitment - make a commitment you know you can start with that won’t make you anxious or stressed (we definitely don’t want this). If you slip up, don’t judge yourself, don’t give up, don’t be mean to yourself, and most of all don’t create a new story because of it ;). Be kind, be compassionate and get back to it tomorrow. Change takes time and it takes practice. Be kind to yourself.

When you have your 2 commitments,, pop into the Facebook group and share them with the group. Let’s keep each other accountable and let’s encourage each other!

I won’t be in the Facebook group at 7pm tonight - however, please share your commitments in there anyway! I will be responding and supporting, even if I won’t be there on a Live! I will send you through a link for the call on Sunday at 3pm if you can join, so we can all interact with each other and wrap up the Reconnect series together!