Day 4

Your Inner Power


Have you watched the video? Please do, as it covers everything you need to know about ‘your inner power’!

Do you believe you have the power to create your future? To change your stories and your beliefs? I am here to tell that you do and you can! You don’t need to stay stuck where you are feeling powerless in the life you’re living, you have the ability to change your reality and it’s easy (through practice)!

Rewriting your stories is about looking to what you most want for yourself and your life and looking at how you can reframe and rewrite the current story to help you get what you want! You honestly can have what you want in life, but it must first start in your head and in your heart!

As you rewrite your stories and beliefs, embedding these new beliefs into your subconscious takes consistent practice and reminding. Just as your current beliefs have been practiced for years (maybe decades) you need to allow time for these new thoughts to become the new normal as well.

You will have setbacks, you will have days where non serving and negative thoughts take over, that’s normal, it will be on those days where you need to come back to your rewritten beliefs and thoughts to remind yourself of what you most want instead.

Be kind to yourself, be loving, be compassionate. Just as you didn’t start to walk the first time you stood up, you won’t replace a thought with a new one at a drop of a hat. Commit to this practice for yourself and start to see your world start to change.

Inspired Action

Pick which story(ies) you’re going to rewrite. Start with your biggest blocker and once you’ve rewritten that one, tackle another one if that feels good to you.

In your journal, write your new story. Use the prompts below to help guide you:

  • What does the empowering and positive version of this story look like?

  • How do I want to see this story play out instead?

  • How will a new version of this story allow me to be my best self?

  • How do I want to feel when this story plays out in my mind?

  • What evidence will I look for that supports my empowering and positive story?

  • What version of this story will allow me to move forward with my life?

Once you’ve written your new story - summarise it with a powerful one line affirmation that you can keep close to you to remind you of this story if you get caught in a negative spiral. i.e. “I am worthy of the love that leaves me feeling fulfilled”

“I am…”

“I will…”

When you’re done, pop into the Facebook group and share your new story! Sharing these new stories are SO powerful and will generate a massive amount of excitement and encouragement that will serve you in the best way! I’ll be popping into the group at 7pm for any questions or support!