Day 3

Storytelling Power


Have you watched the video? Please do, as it covers everything you need to know about your ‘storytelling power’!

What stories do you tell yourself?

“I’m not good enough”
”I’m not worthy of XXX”
”I don’t deserve XXX”

Your storytelling power is HUGE! The stories you tell yourself influences your actions and behaviours. Stories are what we use to make sense of what happens to us and around us and often times, these stories were created in a moment of our past that then stuck with us, because we replayed that story over and over again.

Today you’re uncovering the stories holding you back in preparation for tomorrow, where you harness your power to change them!

Inspired Action

Pick up to 3 areas from day 1 that you’d like to focus on - you may only pick 1 and that’s perfectly fine! Do as many as feels good to you. Perhaps look at the area where you rated your current situation as the lowest, the area you feel most disconnected it.

Explore what stories you might be telling yourself in that area that’s holding you back, the stories that are not serving you and keeping you stuck. This might be uncomfortable or confronting - that’s normal and it’s ok. If it feels uncomfortable, that is your sign to spend time there, there’s something there that needs identifying and exploring.

In your journal, use the following prompts to start identifying your stories (you don’t need to answer all of the questions, they are purely to help guide you):

  • What is the underlining thought to why I feel disconnected here?

  • Why do I feel uneasy/anxious/stressed/overwhelmed in this area? What am I telling myself?

  • What memory or past experience have I attached to the thought I am having?

  • What am I afraid of happening if I make a change that’s created this story?

  • Did someone say something to me that caused me to create this story?

Once you have identified your story, ask yourself:

  1. How does this story make me feel? Be specific and detailed - this is important

  2. What evidence do I have that supports this story now? In this present moment?

Once you have explored your stories, sit with them, feel them and know that they don’t need to be permanent. You have the power to change them and you will!

Pop into the Facebook group and share one of your stories with the group, the power of sharing is SO HUGE and it’s amazing just how not alone we really are! Remember, it’s a safe space in there <3. I’ll pop in at 7pm for any questions and support!

If you would like more 1on1 support, especially if this is a particularly challenging exercise, please reach out to me directly on Facebook - I am more than happy to provide additional support!