Day 2

Lighten Up


Have you watched the video? Please do, as it covers everything you need to know about ‘lighten up’!

Are you doing too much? Is your life filled with so much to do and think about in every moment that you don’t have any room or energy left to focus on yourself?

In order to reconnect with who you really are, you need to have the space in your life and the energy available to be able to reconnect with your mind and your body. As little as 5mins everyday will allow you to make big shifts within yourself.

Day 2 is all about lightening up in life! Looking at your answers from day 1’s exercise; ask yourself - what can I let go of? What can I cancel/decline? What can I remove from my life that’s causing me to feel disconnected?

Inspired Action

Identify 3 things from yesterday’s exercise you are going to remove to help lighten you up! They can be from 1 area or from multiple. Do whatever feels good! Write them in your journal and commit to them.

#1 - I am going to…

#2 - I am going to…

#3 - I am going to…

Once you’re done, pop into the Facebook group and share the 3 things you’re committing to remove to lighten up! I’ll be popping into the group at 7pm for any questions or support!