Who am I and where have I come from?

I am a lover of intentional, minimal and slow living! I love to do as little as possible most weekends, I am addicted to gardening (particularly my vege garden), I stay fit by taking our beautiful Labrador for walks and doing CrossFit and I stay healthy by eating a plant-based diet. We live in our little block of paradise in Auckland, New Zealand and I couldn’t be happier!

I love the life I live and believe that I am truly living my OWN fantastic life, by my definition. It’s not all perfect, but I know each and every day I have the power to decide how it will flow and how I will show up.


It’s not always been happiness and joy day in and day out though, let me tell you! Over the last 14 years, I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery, self-love and finding happiness from within. I’m a reformed over-thinker, excessive stressor and liver of a life that was for others and not for me.

In 2015, my boyfriend broke up with me and I got made redundant from my job within the space of 4 days. I lost my love, my home, and job in one weekend. Yup, life was teaching me a tough lesson, that’s for bloody sure! The six months leading up to this point I was miserable. I felt depressed most of the time, I fought with my boyfriend non-stop and I wasn’t feeling aligned with the company I was working for. I was also seeing a psychologist to help me uncover what the heck was going on.

Then BAM, the universe inserted its own test in a way that would force me to look at who I was and ask myself who I wanted to become. I was forced to look at how I was living, who I was living with, and how I was behaving and figure out what parts of all of it wasn’t aligned with me and who I wanted to be.


The drinking, the lack of exercise, and the lack of quiet and stillness in my life were all of the things that weren’t right. 12 years of avoidance, partying, drinking, and self-sabotage had finally caught up with me and it was forced into my face asking for attention, acceptance and resolution.

I was carrying deep-rooted trauma and beliefs from my childhood and teenage years, particularly my parent’s divorce and the “loss” of my dad. I put loss into quotations, because finally after 16 years I accept that I chose to experience this “loss”, he didn’t do it too me.

Experiencing and harbouring deep-rooted trauma influences so many thought patterns and decisions as you grow older and start navigating your own life. My trauma caused me to mistrust, self-sabotage, seek love outside of myself and find solace in alcohol, relationships, and avoidance. And to bring it back, it wasn’t until 2015 that I FINALLY started to look at my past and understand it, learn from it, and appreciate it for the lessons it gave me and use what I had learned to start moving forward. In a healthy way.

After my redundancy, I secured a new job that wasn’t starting for 2 months and so I decided to travel. It was my first trip overseas on my own and I went to Europe! It was a life-changing experience, particularly because I was in Paris when the November 2015 terrorist attacks happened. You never really appreciate how delicate life is until you are in the midst of pure terror and destruction as Paris was that night.

When I got home, a bit shaken but deeply grateful, I still had six weeks before I started back at work and I spent every minute of those six weeks rediscovering who Tash is. Defining my values and vision for my life. Cutting out all of the things in my life that no longer served me and focused on the things that made me happy and feel good.

And that’s when my intentional living journey really began. For the first time since I was 16, I stayed single for over a year and used that time to focus on myself. I did ALL of the things I WANTED to do. I finally put myself first and only made decisions that would serve me and my happiness.

Let me tell you, it was f’ing hard. There were many times I felt lonely and lost, which I hated, but instead of running - I used it as a lesson to understand why I was feeling lonely and lost. What were those moments trying to teach me?

After consistent searching, those moments finally taught me to love who I was, love my own company and find joy and happiness within the life I have, not the life society tells us to yearn for.


Late in 2016, I unexpectedly met the love of my life. Unexpectedly because the plans I had made definitely did not include a guy! This man, became the one man who would open up my perspective and knowledge of life to a whole new scale. The one man who would come to me completely whole in his own right and join the life that I had made whole completely on my own too. The man that would care for himself first and encourage me to care for myself first too. The man who would show me what it means to be equal in life. The man who would show me what true unconditional and deep love is.

Our relationship isn’t perfect, but it is by far the most incredible relationship I have ever been in! I absolutely love my life and I love the way I am creating it and how it’s unfolding before my eyes. It brings me joy, fulfilment, and purpose. It’s been a long 14 years of pain, sadness, growth, and learning - but it’s a 14-year test that’s prepared me for all that I am yet to do going forward.


My journey, tests, and lessons are what has brought me to this point in my life where being a life coach and serving you is a no-brainer.

My professional background is in human resource management, where advising, coaching, and leading is core to what I have done for the last 8 years. I have done great work in that profession, much of what will carry over into my life coaching arena, however, my true service to you will come from openness, love, support and my experience.

Life is not linear, easy or perfect. It’s challenging, testing, and hard, but it all comes down to how we respond and grow from these experiences that will create the fantastic life we truly want and absolutely deserve.

My mission in life is to work with you to understand and appreciate your journey to date and use that growth and determination to start creating the fantastic life you truly want.

If you’re ready to discover your Best Self and start creating and living your own fantastic life, then get in touch for a free discovery call.

Together we’ll start you on your new journey!

My qualifications

Internationally Certified Coach - Beautiful You Coaching Academy
Bachelors Degree, Human Resources and Strategic Management - University of Waikato
Diploma in Positive Psychology - Centre of Excellence - (Currently completing)