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Reconnect Retreat
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Reconnect Retreat

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You feel busy, stressed, and overwhelmed. Often you’re not sure how you’re going to get through it all and still have the energy left to enjoy your life.

You feel disconnected. Disconnected from yourself, your friends, your family, and your life. You are doing just enough to get through without anyone noticing that you’re bursting at the seams.

I feel your disconnection. I feel your overwhelm. I feel your confusion. The confusion of, how to shake off the heaviness, how to move forward and how to find the serenity within yourself that is filled with love, peace, space, and calm.

This is the epidemic of our time.

It’s always available to you. All you need to do is reconnect back with yourself and you’ll find it.

The Reconnect Retreat is a day dedicated to YOU. A day where you will feel safe to open, release, and reconnect back to who YOU really ARE. A day where you will feel the heaviness of life start to fall away and leave with tools to create this place anytime you need it.

At the retreat you will carve out time for yourself to step back and look at how you got here by discovering what’s serving you and what’s holding you back. Once you’ve had the time to truly reflect, you will then create a vision of what you most want for yourself and for your life. Once we’ve created a really powerful vision to inspire you, you will create a plan to bring it to reality.

Throughout the day I will lead you through powerful meditations, inner reflection and personal exercises that will leave you feeling clearer, calmer, with a lot more space within yourself. I will give you the tools to access this space at any time to take away with you.

I am excited that Erika Rodrigues from Same Sun Yoga to lead us through a beautiful yoga session (suitable for beginners) that will help you bring awareness to your body and show you the power that awareness, breath and mindfulness can bring to your life.

Beauty, I know you want to live a life you truly love, a life that doesn’t leave you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, constantly searching for more. Instead, you want a life that is intentional, fulfilling, calm and spacious, and beauty, it is yours to have, if only you allow yourself the space to create it.

Your $125 ticket will include:

  • Tea + snacks

  • Catered lunch (vegetarian/vegan)

  • NoUgly soda

  • 45min yoga flow with Erika from SameSunYoga (suitable for beginners)

  • ‘Balance’ doTERRA essential oil blend (5ml) from Kym @tappingin2nature

  • Reconnect Workbook

  • Journal + pen

  • Coaching chat with me throughout the day

If you are craving time for yourself and walk away with clarity on how to move your life forward in a way that serves you, then this retreat is worth the investment.

What attendees from my last workshop had to say:

“I enjoyed everything! The beautiful location and the warm supportive atmosphere that was so quickly created! It was such a great day filled with awesome real people who all want the same for themselves and that’s to live their best lives. It felt like a facial for the soul! It’s money really well spent to exercise that inner self love muscle! Thanks again! <3” - Ana Cathcart

“Tash is truly passionate about the work she does, and you can really see it in every little detail of her workshop. So much love was put into it - from the activities, to the food, to the goody bags. I really valued how Tash created a beautiful safe space for us all to share how we were truly feeling which allowed everyone to be vulnerable and authentic in the work we were doing. It provided the space for me to able to focus on myself and look within and I am grateful to have taken the time to do so. Thank you Tash for sharing what you do.” - Rawinia Judson

“Tash's workshop gives you the opportunity to really lean into who your best self is, and find constructive ways to bring that person to life. The workshop was both relaxing and invigorating, with wonderful women and a beautiful venue. I loved that I learned some great tools to allow me to really have a positive mindset, all while giving my soul a bit of self love.”- Ashleigh Storey

I want to eliminate any reasons you might hesitate to attend this wonderful day, often money is a big one. I have made payment plans available. Please reach out to me at to arrange this.

If you have questions on whether this day is right for you, send me an email and we can chat!

I am looking forward to connecting with you and helping you reconnect with yourself

Love, Tash xx

p.s. This event is for women only.

The amazing venue:

Kawai PuraPura Retreat Centre, Albany, Auckland

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