The more we share the things that have helped us expand, the more we enable the expansion of others.

Here are books and podcasts I’ve read and listened to that have shifted something in me. Everything we absorb from any medium has an impact on us, so choose wisely the things that you consume and pay attention. Let me know if any of these shifts something within you and if you have any suggestions of anything not on this list (there are millions), please send them my way!

*all books and podcast episodes are linked to Amazon or the owners website - these are not affiliate links.






The Rich Roll Podcast - is by far my most favourite podcast I’ve come across so far! Here are some of my favourite episodes -

  • Guru Corner - On Positivity - Why Receptivity is the Better Path - #434

  • Mike Posner - On making art, embracing growth, and walking across America - #431

  • Nadia Bolz Weber - Is Shameless - Reconciling Sex with God & Grace - #428

  • Guru Corner - Dare to Be You in a World that Values Conformity - #418

  • Josh LaJaunie - How Josh lost 200+ pounds & Reinvented himself: Thoughts on Mindset, Habits & Giving Back - #403

  • Guru Corner - Disrupting Depression - #393

  • Yuval Noah Harari - Why Clarity is Power - #392

  • Nimai Delgado - Pro Body Builder Nimai Delgado on Vegan Gains, Training Pains & Changing the Game - #385

  • John McAvoy - From Armed Robbery to Professional Athlete - One Man Reformed Through the Power of Sport - #379

  • Guru Corner - On Compassion, Discernment & The Primacy of Self-Mastery - #368

  • Zach Bush MD - On the Science & Spirituality of Human and Planetary Transformation - #414

The Melissa Ambrosini Show - Melissa Ambrosini

The Lively Show - Jess Lively

Super Soul Conversations - Oprah Winfrey

The School of Greatness - Lewis Howes