Answering a common question: Why coaching?

I’ve been asked this question a number of times over the last few weeks so I thought it would be good to share!

My professional background is in Human Resources, I’ve been in the profession for almost 10 years in various industries and 10 months ago I transitioned away from being an employee and into an independent consultant capacity. It was around the time that I also started exploring what I wanted to do next - what did I want to spend my time doing if HR wasn’t the career I could see myself doing for the next 40 years (we all know that our generation chops and changes often anyway!).

Working as an HR Advisor, Manager or Consultant coaching is naturally part of the job, in most cases it’s advising (giving pre-determined options and pros and cons), so it’s something I had exposure in and definitely something I enjoyed doing particularly with leaders. So I knew I definitely wanted to continue working with people and instead of giving advice and pros and cons, I wanted to find the best way to empower and help people uncover who they really are and create a life they really love.

My life has been filled with challenges and hardships that have shaped me, even though it taking me on an extremely long path to getting a bit clearer (14 years). I’ve experienced a range of different things such as - divorced parents, being in a physically abusive relationship, using men to find happiness, using alcohol to hide sadness, sabotaging anything good that came along, and being made redundant, all while pretending life was fine and having no clue who I was or who I wanted to be.

Over the last four years, since losing my job through redundancy and being dumped in the space of 4 days, I’ve slowly and intentionally taken control of my life and how I want to live it. Anything and everything that could have helped, I applied, tested and tried to see how I could become happier within myself and happier in the life I was living. It all started with me. What did I want? What made me happy? What didn’t align? All questions I very slowly answered day by day and still continue to do.

Reflecting on my journey and the various experiences, challenges, and lessons I went through - my mindset was the biggest things holding me back but also trying to push me forward. My mindset was foggy, unclear, lacking, and fearful and once I started to shift my mindset, everything else started to change, my life was already on the up, but I wanted more!

Then, in 2017 I worked with my first coach which was an incredibly eye opening experience! I loved it! I realised that I already had all of the answers I needed and what I was actually searching for was a means to uncover them and fit them together to move forward and start changing my life. That is what coaching is - working with you to find out what you want from your life and empowering you to take action and making it happen.

I want to do that with amazing women like you every single day! I want to see you shake off all the mental and physical blocks, beliefs, and barriers you’re carrying around that stop you from living from your Best Self and living your own fantastic life. I want to empower you to shift your mindset from one of lack, fear, unworthiness, and self-sabotage to a mindset that is positive, abundant, confident, and full of love. A mindset that works FOR YOU not against you!

Once I started to shift my own mindset, I saw my whole life change, and the same WILL happen for you when you take that step to put yourself first and do the inner work.

So, that’s why I am stepping into coaching. I want to be the coach I wish I had 5 years ago before I entered into another relationship looking for happiness and love outside of myself, and making decisions that sabotaged me, only to realise I had no idea who I was, what I wanted and I expected him to give me all of him.

I want to empower you and all the other women on the same journey to discover who they are, who they want to be, and how they can live in alignment with her every single day.

That’s my WHY and I am SO EXCITED to see how it unfolds now that I’m stepping into it fully!

If you feel called to or believe that coaching with me is something you want to do, you can head to my website to find out more about my series and you can book a free 30 minute discovery call to see if we will be a good fit.

I currently have 6 coaching slots open and one of them could have your name on it! :) get in touch and start creating the life you really want!

Everything you want to be, you already are. You’re simply on the path to discovering it.
— Alicia Keys