Do You Have Space for a Healthy Mindset?

One of the main focuses I have in my coaching practice is mindset. I work with amazing individuals to create and cultivate a healthy mindset that is positive, confident, abundant, and loving so that they can create and live their own fantastic lives.

We see talk about mindset everywhere, positive mindset, growth mindset, fixed mindset, negative mindset, mindset, mindset, mindset - with plenty of advice to go around as well. To many I likely seem like another person jumping on the bandwagon of mindset speak, however, understanding and transforming my own mindset has been the single most powerful thing I have done for myself and my life.

I have plenty of things I want to talk about when it comes to creating and cultivating a mindset that works FOR you and what it means to have a mindset that is powerful, useful, and supportive, but I first wanted to strip it back and start at the beginning and ask you a question…

Do you have the space in your mind, body, and life for a healthy mindset??

It seems like an odd question to ask, but it’s a question that came to me the other morning in meditation. In todays world where life is so busy and we’re always “on”, do we actually create enough space within us and around us to work on our mindset?

We wake up, pick up our phones, check emails, check social media, realise we’re late, rush around getting ready, skip breakfast, race out the door, get stuck in traffic, get agitated by slow drivers, blast the radio, get to work and dive into emails, react to everything that comes through, sit in boring meetings getting frustrated, get annoyed at colleagues for missing something, scoff down lunch, quickly complete work, rush out the door late, get angry at drivers because you’re going to be late for your gym class, get to the gym and have your best hour of the day, rush home, make a simple meal, watch Netflix, go to bed late.

Does that sound familiar to you?

In the midst of that day, where are the moments for stillness? Where are the moments for quiet? Where are the moments for reflection? Where are the moments for relief?

A healthy mindset needs as much attention (if not more) than our physical bodies. In order for our physical bodies to respond to the demands of life, our mindset needs to be able to speak to our bodies so it does what it needs to do.

If you have noticed the demands of your life starting to overwhelm your minds capacity to approach it with ease, openness, and non-reaction - it is time to step back, check-in, and re-jig a little to allow few pockets of space in your day for your mind to be still, reset, and reenergise.

Here are 5 easy ways you can start incorporating a bit of space into your day:

1 - 5 to 10mins of quiet first thing in the morning
Before you reach for your phone, take 5-10mins to be still and quiet. Take note of how your body feels, did you sleep well, say thank you for your warm bed, think about how you want to show up today, just take a moment. You will start the day from a place of presence, rather than a place of reaction (to emails or social media).

2 - Drive / commute to work in silence
The energy from the radio or intense music coupled with heavy traffic and agitation is a recipe for a frustrated and angered drive to work. Who needs that first thing in the morning? Sitting in silence might feel uncomfortable to you, (which means it is necessary, the discomfort is telling you there is growth needed there), but I promise you will notice a huge difference. You will arrive at work from a place of calm and quiet, rather than a place of frazzled energy.

3 - Take a moment before diving into work tasks
When you get to the office you don’t have to jump straight into answering your emails. Take a moment to properly transition from your drive to work into a clear state to start work. Make a coffee/tea or your breakfast, write your to-do list for the day, THEN jump into your first task (even if that’s emails). You’ll have a clear mind to begin.

4 - Incidental small breaks
Every 2-3 hours get up and move. Get a cup of tea, refill your drink bottle, go outside for 5mins or stretch. Do something to move the energy that’s become stagnant in your body from sitting down or staring at a computer. Moving, even for 5-10mins every few hours will give you a boost of energy and create a bit more space in your mind to then move into the next task a bit more focused.

5 - Write or journal
Journaling seems like a buzzword these days but it’s so powerful and something I do often. Write about the
+ good moments from your day - what did you enjoy? love? learn?
+ frustrated or angry moments from your day - what do you want less of? what makes you feel uneasy?
+ positive aspects you’d like to welcome in tomorrow - what would you like more of? how would you like to feel?

Understanding how your day flows from a feelings perspective is powerful and can guide you in how you move through your day. Doing this every night or at least 3-4 times a week will see you become more intentional with how you think and act and will help you arrange your days to benefit you. You can download my powerful journaling guide here to get started.

So, do you believe you allow enough space in your daily life to create and cultivate a healthy mindset? If not, I hope these 5 simple ideas will help you incorporate small pockets of space in your day. We don’t need to over complicate things to see real benefits. Let’s come back to simple and easy things we can do so we can be our Best Self and still live an amazing life in the world as it is today!

Do you have any other tips you have on creating space in your life? I’d love to hear them!