Peaceful Evenings that lead to Vibrant Mornings

It’s a new year and we’re almost four weeks into our resolutions and commitments to really change things this year, but then life gets in the way! Despite all our good intentions, we can slip and fall back into old patterns. DON’T judge yourself or shame yourself, it’s completely ok and you’re human! You can’t change years and years of habits in three weeks, it takes commitment and consistency.

For many people one of the things you might want to commit to is waking up earlier each day so you can own your day! You see Robin Sharma talk about the 5am club all over Instagram and think “I definitely want to do that”, but it’s tough because you’re use to going to bed late, snoozing your alarm, dashing out of bed and rushing to get out of the house on time. Not ideal. But hey, you’re committed to changing and this is a blog with some little tips on how to start making your 5am wake up a reality!

 It starts with... creating peaceful evenings first which naturally flows to vibrant mornings. 

 Many people focus on creating morning rituals first, which I don’t disagree with, but what I found was - if I’m not relaxing and unwinding, getting to sleep early and sleeping deeply, the chances of me waking up early and practicing my morning ritual was slim! So my philosophy is, create a peaceful evening practice first, practice it consistently and notice how easy early mornings start to become and how much you enjoy practicing your morning rituals 😌

Here are my top tips to create a peaceful evening that will lead to a vibrant morning 🤩 



I don’t often exercise in the morning, not high intensity anyway. I like to do it in the evening especially since I have quite a sedentary job. So carve out 20 – 30 minutes a day dedicated to moving your body. It can be a walk, run, gym session, yoga, tai chi, dance, anything. After working all day, make time to move your body, create space within your joints to release tension, soreness, and stress.

Cook dinner

Cooking dinner isn’t everyone’s idea of fun (well not mine anyway), but cooking a healthy meal naturally makes us feel good and makes our bodies feel good too when we eat meals that are healthy and when we know exactly what’s in it. TashTastic tip - cook enough so you have lunch for the next day sorted too. (Let me know if you’d like simple recipes in good bulk cooking meals!)


Turn off technology 1 – 2 hours before bed

Use this time to reconnect with yourself and/or your partner, read, stretch, write, take a bath, prep for tomorrow, or study. Disconnect from social media, TV or Netflix and savour the silence and peace. This will help your body recognise that it’s getting tired and allows it to start slowing down and prepare for sleep. Start with 30mins, as that becomes easier, increase to 45mins then more and more. You may notice how much more time you suddenly have to do the things “you never have time for”.


I started my meditation journey with Headspace which is a great app with so many different meditation options. They also have great singles on helping you fall asleep if it’s something you really struggle with. Meditating before bed encourages the mind to slow down and clear everything from the day. You will also find that you’ll fall asleep during the meditation, which is totally cool too!

Once you’ve carved out an additional 10mins in your mornings (I’ll write another blog on this), meditate in the mornings as well, it sets you up for a great productive and intentional day! 



Sometimes this is a 10min exercise for me if I feel too tired to write a lot. You don’t need to overthink it or aim to write 10 pages. It’s about simply writing and releasing whatever needs to be released.

If you’re just starting out with journaling, simple is good – these are my go-to prompts, I write 3 things for each:

+ I am grateful for…
+ I am letting go of…
+ I am welcoming in…

Start small

Start small when you’re creating a new practice, overwhelming ourselves with trying to do too much and creating a perfect practice will usually have the opposite effect to what we’re trying to achieve. When I first started creating my evening practice, I started with switching off technology  30mins before bed. I noticed that it helped me fall asleep faster, so I pushed it to an hour, then 1.5 hours then 2 hours. It doesn’t happen every night, but now I know how amazing it feels when I do do it, so it encourages me to do it more often.

Starting small is the best thing to do. Be patient with yourself. The goal is to create a bit more space so you can slow down, relax and promote a restful and deep sleep. Which will promote more resilience and more energy to deal with stressful situations and help you stabilise emotions and reactions so you can feel like you’re really owning your day! 

Find a non-negotiable

During the two craziest weeks of 2018 year with late night meetings and trying to manage redundancies, I needed to focus on the things that were my saving grace. For me, that’s journaling and getting to sleep on time. If I don’t journal or I cut into my sleeping hours, I feel the pinch. I’m tired and I tend to toss and turn because I haven’t released the stressful thoughts from the day.

Finding a non-negotiable is important. It’s the one thing you know that you can always come back to when times are tough. It’s also the one thing you will feel less inclined to compromise on because it will always help you feel better, no matter how much time you might be able to spend on it.

It can be getting fresh air, meditating, journaling, moving your body, it can be anything that creates space among the stress and busyness of life. 

I hope these tips help you create a practice that is right for you and allows you to bring a bit more space into your every day. We don’t realise how little space we have around us until we take notice of how we feel and live when we start to prioritise creating a bit more.

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Tash xx

An amended version of this post was originally published on Be More You as a guest post by me.