Life feel a little messy? It doesn't have to...

Does life feel a little messy right now? You’re not sure what’s going on, everything feels in limbo?

Gosh, I feel you! There are periods when you feel on top of the world, everything is flowing your way and then you hit a hole and you feel like all the sh*t has hit the fan and you have no clue what’s going on. Yup, I know that feeling!

It can feel overwhelming and chaotic, especially when you focus on it. The more you focus on the mess, the chaos, the frustration the more of the same will flow into your reality. The Law of Attraction can be annoying like that sometimes!

I am not necessarily talking purely about physical mess, but emotional, mental and spiritual mess. Mess can tend to crop up when you allow too much ‘stuff’ to come into your life and you don’t know where to put it - or you may not be aware of everything that is piling up in the corner over there.

This can be amplified when we feel disconnected from ourselves, when we are so busy with what’s going on around us that we don’t make time and create stillness to pay attention to what’s going on on the inside. Disconnection from ourselves can lead to disconnection from every day life, which then creates the feeling and overwhelm of life feeling incredibly messy!

When I work with clients who feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious about how their life feels right now, the first thing I do is ask them a series of questions to get them thinking about where things are currently at, in a curious and explorative way. Taking a curious approach can help you see things in a slightly different light!

Start with…

  • What things make me feel good?

  • What things help me move forward?

  • What things do I WANT to keep?


  • What things don’t I like?

  • What things make me feel uneasy, tense, frustrated?

  • What things do I need to clear out?

Once you have answered these questions, what is ONE thing you can do that will move you forward through the mess? It might be removing something (or someone from your life) or letting something go. Or you can start with what can I do more of that already makes me feel calm, relaxed and happy?

My suggestion would be to start with what can you clear out and let go of, because life is already so cluttered, messy, and busy - so clearing out means you will have more space to do the good things!

Mess doesn’t have to be crippling or a road block. All it is, is a sign that it’s time to pay attention and ask some prompting questions to get clear on what is actually mess and what is magic. Hidden between all of the mess are pots of magic that are serving you so much, clearing out means you can uncover them and consciously start using that magic to propel you even more!

What are you going to do to help life feel a little less messy? Share it with me in the comments below!