How to rethink your idea of "getting there"...

Have you ever thought to yourself “I’ll never get there!”

“I’ll never “figure it out” like her!”

“I can’t even sort myself out today let alone the rest of the month or year!”

The idea of “getting there” consumes you and makes you feel stuck! You feel like you’re constantly taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back on your journey to reconnecting with who you are. You’re reading all of the books and quotes on Instagram but it’s only creating more overwhelm and anxiety!

Beauty, you do NOT need to feel this way! Your growth and expansion is different and there is much to do, but I ask you to move away from comparison or defeat of “I won’t get there like she has” or “that seems so far away”, because your journey is unique. What you need to explore and create is different to Susan over there.

When I work with my clients, I get them to dig in and explore their thoughts and stories a bit further.

The first question I ask them is:

What does “getting there” mean to you?

What does it look and feel like for you?

How will you KNOW that you have gotten “there”?

It’s an interesting question that is always met with a pause and then a slight smile. A knowing that it’s something deeper than what they always thought it might be. The idea of “getting there” is fuelled by the need to be further along, the need for our ego to be one step ahead of the person next to us, or at least show that we aren’t as far back.

Comparison is the name and it pulls us into play the game. “Getting there” is essentially the same as thinking someones idea of success is the same as yours. When I’m meditating twice a day and doing yoga in Bali, then I’m “there” and I’ve made it. Unfortunately, beauty - it’s likely that won’t bring you the happiness you seek.

In my coaching program the focus is always about reigniting the connection my clients have with themselves. When they start reconnecting with themselves the “ah-ha” moments begin and they realise how much of their progress in life they measured against other people, rather than measured against themselves.

It’s the same with the measure of “getting there”. It has to be specific to you and it has to align with what you really want in your OWN life. The exploration starts with the first question - what does “getting there” actually mean to me.

If you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed because you’re not sure what step to take next, reach out to me and together let’s take the best steps forward for you. I have 3 spots available, so be sure to snap one up!