Do you feel good?


Do you feel good?

When was the last time you asked yourself that question?

  • Do I feel good in my work?

  • Do my friends make me feel good?

  • Do I feel good during exercise? (whatever exercise you choose to do)

  • Do I feel good in my relationship?

The biggest question always needs to be...

Do I feel good?

The purpose of life is to feel good. Of course, alongside this, our purpose is also to love, be happy, and to serve, but ultimately, we need to feel good in order to live a full and happy life.

It is a powerful question and one I believe we don’t ask ourselves often enough. This question can be applied to any part of your life and needs to be asked often so you can continuously make decisions that lead you to feel good, rather than subconsciously making decisions that please others or meets external obligations.

When you feel good, that is a sign from your Best Self (Inner Being / Soul / Higher Self) that you are in alignment with who you are really are and who you are aspiring to be.

When you feel bad, negative, frustrated or friction, that’s an indication from your Best Self that you are not in alignment. Your emotions are powerful indicators and signs that tell you what is aligning with your intentions, values, and happiness and what isn’t.

For many of us, we have lost touch with our emotions and with what they are telling us. Some think emotions interfere and should be ignored, others think that emotions are unvalidated data sets. Whatever you might have thought about emotions, I want to offer a perspective that might challenge you and get you thinking, because that’s what life is about right? Growing and learning.

My challenge to you…
Ask yourself "Do I feel good?" as often as you can every day and week. When you’re at work, when you’re with friends, when you’re exercising, any time - ask yourself if you feel good in those moments.

Let this question guide your decisions and see what impact it has on your day, interactions, and mood. Let this question guide you to always choose the better feeling thought or activity. You want to feel good, so choose things that make you feel good.


What do I do when I identify situations, things or people that don't make me feel good?
We all know that change first starts with awareness. You need to know what you want to change in order to start making any changes and asking this question is the first step in that process, you're becoming aware.

Once you know what doesn't make you feel good, the next step is to ask yourself:

What is causing this feeling?

  • Have you changed and grown and now you're realising that XX doesn't align with you?

  • Have you lost sight of the good and positive aspects of someone and now all you see are negatives? (which doesn't make us feel good)

  • Have you decided that you want something different in your life now and you're feeling the friction of not making a decision?


What do I want to do now?

Now that you're aware of what does and doesn't make you feel good, and you are clearer on what is causing the feeling, you then need to ask yourself and decide what you want to do now.

This is the most critical step, if you know what does and doesn't make you feel good, you know what's causing it and you know you want to change it, but you don't actually make any changes, you're allowing yourself to stay stuck.

No one can change how you feel (they may behave in a different way which changes your feelings, but that's not within your control), no one can change your situation, and no one should choose something different for you (in some instances they can, but you definitely don't want them to).

YOU need to decide what you want to do to change how you feel.

It might be looking at a job/career change, be spending less time with someone, trying out a different exercise class/type or it be as simple as journaling and writing about how differently you want to feel and then creating small steps from there.

You control how you feel and you control how you allow others to make you feel.

Be conscious and aware of what that looks like and check-in often to make sure you're still in the driver's seat making choices that align and serve your Best Self.

Leave your thoughts in the comments and let me know - Do you feel good? If you don’t, what is the ONE action you’re going to take to change that?