5 takeaways from #30daysofspace

Hi everyone! I intended to write this right after the "30 Days to a More Spacious Life" challenge finished at the end of September. Ah well, better a bit late than never though right!

I loved running this challenge so much that I thought it would be good to write a little recap. A good friend of mine suggested the hashtag for the challenge should be #30daysofspace, which was perfect! You can find out more about the #30daysofspace challenge on my Instagram if you look for this photo:


The idea behind "30 Days to a More Spacious Life" was to create awareness and prompt individuals to think about how they could create a little more space in their life. The coaching and workshops I want to do through TashTastic are centered around creating more space in our lives so we have the capacity and ability to create and live a fantastic life. My work is focused on creating space under these four pillars:

  • Mental - reducing stress and anxiety that comes from a busy mind to create more room for peace, clarity, and calm.

  • Physical - reducing clutter and mess to create a clearer sense of freedom and attachment from things

  • Financial - reduce unnecessary money spending to create a plan to save more in order to do more

  • Emotional - reduce sadness, worry, and anxiety to create room for more gratitude and joy

Those areas are what #30daysofspace focused on. There were small daily prompts that encouraged changes within each pillar, little by little. It was a great exercise and it taught me so much even though I was running it! I thought it would be great to share it as it will be a big guiding factor for my programmes going forward.

My 5 takeaways from #30daysofspace

#1 Small and Easy

We all want a bit more space, a bit more relaxation and calm in our life but I think sometimes we get overwhelmed at all of the tips and ideas out there of things we can do. We also try and do EVERYTHING in order to get the MOST space we can, which doesn't necessarily = success. #30daysofspace was focused on being small bite-sized prompts that people could easily apply every day.  During the week they were intentionally smaller to accommodate busy schedules.

If you want to start making changes in your life, start small and easy. Go to bed 10mins earlier each night and once that's a habit, make it 20mins. Go for a 10min walk, once that's a habit, make it 20mins. Reduce takeaway coffee by 1 purchase a week and then 2, then 3, and so on. Make it small and doable so you feel the good vibes when you achieve it!

#2 Fun and Interactive

Running it on Instagram and FB was so fun! So many people messaged me and commented on posts on the days when the prompt really resonated with them or when one was easy to tick off! Creating space doesn't need to be a serious task, make it fun and invite your friends to do it with you (interactive). Cook brunch together instead of going out and spending a fortune, go for a hike instead of going and sitting on the bike at the gym. Bring play back into your life and you'll naturally create space amongst the seriousness and busyness of life.

#3 Accountability

Sometimes we just need some accountability to get sh*t done. Which is why life coaches exist! Most of us have the capacity to get stuff done, but when we have to be accountable to someone we are pushed to get it done faster and likely to a higher quality than we would have done otherwise. This challenge acted as an accountability tool for some of the participants, which I loved (but didn't intend). There were no direct check-ins or progress reports, but some people liked giving updates on how they were going, it also created a bit more commitment to try and do the prompt each day.

This is why I am training to be a life coach so I can be a great accountability partner for those who want to continue on their creating space journey. If you need an accountability buddy to get some sh*t done in your life, then get to asking! I'm sure there's plenty of people who would like to create change alongside you! Or, reach out to me! I'm looking for a new client in the new year!

#4 Sharing is Caring

Sharing my journey with creating space and some of the things I do each day is a great way to inspire those around us. I also loved participants who shared their progress on their social channels! #spreadtheword! I also don't know everything, so getting ideas and what worked and what didn't work with some of my prompts was a great insight into how different we all are. When we share things we learn, then we increase the learning for those around us and that's what life is all about! Learning and growing!

#5 A Little Means A Lot

This ties in a little with small and easy, but a little bit will go a long way. That 10mins you give yourself in the morning to meditate will carry throughout your day as a reminder that you can come back to the quiet when things are getting stressful. That 15mins of movement you do when you get home at night will do wonders for creating space within your body and help your body settle into sleep time. We don't need to dedicate hours of our day to create space, a little will mean, and, do a lot. So start there.

There it is! What a month September was! We moved into a new home, started my life coaching course and nailed an awesome creating space challenge! There's so much more to come and I am so excited!

#30daysofspace and the feedback has sparked some great ideas on how I can create smaller versions of the exercise and smaller programmes. I am currently pulling these together, so if you want to find out more, sign up here and you'll be the first to know! I also have the free downloadable wallpaper available which has all of the prompts, so if you'd love a copy, you can sign up here and it'll be on its way to you!


p.s. TashTastic will be getting a new website in the new year with a new blog section, so if you'd like to continue following my journey on living an intentional and fantastic life, I'd strongly suggest you sign up for my letter, as that will bring you new blogs and so much more!

- TashTastic -